Project Grey is an exploration of the varying bonds that exist between the Asian elephant and humans, in particular the relationship between an elephant and its mahout/keeper. 


The project investigates the complex nature of such relationships, which ultimately result in variations in the treatment (or mistreatment) of the elephants and their welfare within the industries that they are forced to work. 


Through ongoing observation of the vast array of mahout-elephant relationships in Asia, and the environments within which they exist, it is Sara O'Brien Callow's long-term goal to demystify the black and white mentality that is so often assumed by outsiders when observing these relationships. That is, to question the reality of the existence of elephants living alongside human beings and bring to light a conversation about what is the most realistic method of elephant treatment if these two species are to co-exist within the same environment. 


Project Grey is an ongoing project. 


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